Homage to Moleskine

by Lowen Howard

Having just shelved my third back-pocket Moleskine volume, I’m convinced that without this little book, I’d be lost. It wasn’t until the fourteenth of this new year that the latest 2011 Panoramic View Planning edition was delivered to my mailbox. Which is to say, I went thirteen days without being blessed by the clarifying quality of its content. And for that annual roughly two week interim, which brings the rapid upbraiding of all clear objectives and existential coherency, I’m always groggily reminded that my short and long term memory faculties are like attention-starved rival twin babies, in unremitting chorus trying to out-scream one another.

But then I open Moleskine once again. There committed to the page, in orderly fashion, I discover and rediscover my personal responsibilities, all my cool ideas, the prized cigar labels, the increasingly infrequent concert tickets, President’s Day, the strange and distorted sketches, drug prescriptions, my hopes and dreams. Always bound in something like leather, with the slender and piously woven bookmark, and the oft-celebrated paper pocket on the back-flap (cradling the insert full of dubious claims about Moleskins’ two century’s worth of contribution to the lives of historic “artists and thinkers”), Moleskine is a classic. Recommended.