Collision of Lives, Darren Doane

by Lowen Howard

2008.  Documentary.  Follows the recent east coast  tour that Christopher Hitchens and Douglas Wilson set out on in promotion of their written exchange, a book titled “Is Christianity Good for the World?”.   Stopping at pubs and universities, the two men alternate between publicly debating one another, and gamely debating whoever shows up  to challenge either one of them.   Hitchens, the atheist, is relentless in his critique of  Christianity as a “wicked cult” that authorizes mass genocide (the Amalekites) and vicarious redemption through the brutal slaughter of man or beast.   Wilson employs the argument that belief in God is the only way to even begin critiquing any atrocity whatsoever.   There are many avenues and rabbit trails that the two men explore on the peripheries of this basic theme.

On the whole, the documentary is very well executed and entertaining.  Along the way, the men seem to become BFF’s, reciting poetry to one another and occasionally telling off-color jokes.   Their final exchange, which takes place in a limousine with Christopher Hitchens exhausted, slightly buzzed, and disarmingly candid, is astonishing and not easily forgotten.  Recommended.